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A Noisy Air Conditioner Is A Cry For Help

It’s that time of year again—temperatures are rising and we are all clicking on those air conditioning systems and enjoying the coolness of the indoors. It’s such a relief to come inside from the humid, sun-blaring outdoors and feel the cool, dry air in your home greeting you like an old friend. When you have a properly maintained AC system, you can look forward to staying cool and comfortable through all of the hot summer months.

But wait—what’s that noise? Does it sound like there’s a large truck running right outside your home? Do you notice how quiet it suddenly is right after your air conditioning system shuts off? If either of these questions sounds all too familiar, we’re afraid we have some bad news. A loud air conditioning system is a sign that something is wrong and your system is basically yelling to you, “FIX ME!”

When your air conditioner is being noisy, it’s time to have a professional come out and take a look at it. An experienced AC repair company will be able to diagnose the problem your system is having and help you understand the problem and possible solutions.  A noisy air conditioner can be caused by a number of factors and we’ve found that in many cases, only a small repair is needed.  It can be anything from a faulty fan blade to a simple lack of proper lubrication. The only way you’ll know what you’re dealing with is to have a professional do a full inspection.

If your air conditioner is making more noise than usual, you shouldn’t put off a diagnosis and repair. Air of Houston has been diagnosing and repairing Houston’s air conditioners for over 20 years, so give us a call and we’ll do our best to quiet that system down and keep you comfortable and cool for the hot summer months to come.


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