AC Flooding

As home and business owners survey their properties for damages caused by Hurricane Harvey, the damage to an air conditioner flooding Houston residents need to take prompt professional action and this is a matter that should not be overlooked. As flood water recede and structures dry out, air conditioners may appear to be okay and even function somewhat normally. The damage caused by flooding can show up when it’s least expected and be devastating to an air conditioning system.

Thousands of Houston Homes Had Their Air Conditioner Exposed to Flooding

Turn off the power to your AC System if it has been flooded. If you suspect your home’s AC system has been touched by flood waters or exposed to standing water, don’t approach or touch the unit. The first thing to do is shut off electrical power to the system by shutting down the breakers to the equipment at the fuse box. Check with your home insurance to see if the heating and air conditioning system is covered, and contact a reputable HVAC company to have the system checked thoroughly. The last thing you would want to happen is to experience another stroke of back luck as the air conditioning system fails at an inopportune time and then you need ac repair.

Water is Particularly Damaging to the Electronics of an Air Conditioner

The exterior part of an air conditioning system can take exposure to the some harsh elements of weather, but can be severely damaged in a flood. Moving parts and electrical components and wiring are particularly vulnerable, and may even continue to work, for a while, before they are fully compromised by contacting or being submerged in water. Sometimes it takes days, weeks or months before wires disintegrates or coils, contacts and electrical parts fail from initial water damage and growing corrosion.

A Thorough Inspection Can Reveal Extensive Flood Damage to Your AC Unit

A complete inspection of the heating and air conditioning system may reveal damage that is hidden from view. Since outdoor AC equipment is typically stored on a concrete pad on the ground, only a few inches of water can cause major damage. Flooding of a foot or more, however, can reach many of the parts that make up the outside unit, including the condenser, fan, motor, wiring, connectors and electrical parts. Make sure the technician checks the indoor components of the heating and air conditioning system, which are especially susceptible to the harsh effects of water damage. It might even be best to have a new ac unit installed. Talk to your HVAC technician about a new ac unit that is right for your home or business.

If You Think Your Air Conditioner Might Have Been Exposed in Houston Flooding Call for an Full HVAC Inspection

If your AC system has been affected by flood waters in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and in communities such as Spring, Humble and The Woodlands, call Air of Houston today to set up an inspection.  Also, you can learn how you can improve against air conditioner flooding  in Houston.

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