Clogged AC Drain Line

Preventing and Repairing Clogged AC Drain Line

Besides decreasing efficiency, a clogged AC drain line can also cause significant secondary damage.  But how do you know if you have one before water damage, mold growth or system shut-down occurs?  Understanding how the drain line works and the signs of a drain clog or leak may help you find early warning signs and prevent overflow damage.  Then, call the experts at Air of Houston.  Air conditioning systems are incredibly complex.  Yet our highly trained HVAC technicians can easily diagnose the source of your leak. We’ll identify the problem, make repairs and clear your clogged drain line in the same visit.

Clogged AC Drain Lines Need Immediate Attention!

Every component of an HVAC system is designed to work in tandem to heat, cool and ventilate your home.  A malfunction in any component, including the AC drain line, can cause loss of efficiency, secondary damage, and even unit breakdown.  Your AC drain line, usually made from PVC, is an essential element of your heating and cooling system. A clog or leak in this pipe prevents the efficient removal of excess condensation away from your home.  This can create an overflow of water, debris, and accumulated slime.  Dangerous mold and mildew may grow, and an eventual overflow can cause extensive water damage. That’s why a clogged drain line requires immediate repair by a certified HVAC technician.  

Houstonians enjoy warm sunsets in the fall, short and temperate winters, and Bluebonnet spring days. Yet summer comes quickly, and we depend on our air conditioners through the long, hot season.  In addition to cooling our homes and businesses, Houston’s air conditioners must manage the additional stress of excessive humidity. Extended summer use combined with high humidity creates a higher risk of drain line clogging.

Signs of a Leaking or Clogged AC drain line

In most situations when AC repair is necessary, there will be some tell-tale signs as to what the problem may be. There are several things you can look for when performing monthly filter maintenance, or if you suspect a clogged drain line:

  • Dripping water or moisture from the indoor HVAC cabinet or unit may be the first sign of a clogged AC line.  
  • Collection of water in the condensate drain pan requires professional inspection, especially if slime, mold or debris are present.
  • Water leaking from your AC drain pipe or around any of the components of your AC system requires professional drain line repair services.
  • Signs of rust on the furnace, which is usually located near or above the air handler, may signal excessive system moisture.
  • Water spots near the indoor AC cabinet may also be a warning sign of a leaking or clogged drain line.

Avoid Clogged AC Drain Lines With Regular Maintenance From Air of Houston

Any professional maintenance should include inspection for drain line clogs; yet, this is overlooked.  At Air of Houston, we guarantee that your AC drain line will be thoroughly examined during your seasonal HVAC maintenance.  Our experienced technicians are trained to find evidence of a clogged drain line before it becomes a problem.  By performing thorough examinations of your entire system, we can offer precise diagnoses and quality repairs.  

Air of Houston technicians can prevent water damage from drain line overflow by installing a float switch in your drain pan.  A float switch is a small device that can detect water backups from clogged AC lines. A switch valve on the device will float when it detects accumulating moisture in a clogged drain pipe.  This will trigger the system to shut down, and avoid a messy overflow. 

I Think I Have a Clogged Drain Line What Should I Do?Always call a professional for AC drain line repair!

If you suspect that you have a clogged AC drain line, call the professionals at Air of Houston immediately.  Air of Houston is available 24/7, 365 days a year to handle your clogged drain line, leak, or other issue.  Serving the Greater Houston and Spring areas since 1995, we have the experience to manage any HVAC installation, maintenance or repair.  Air of Houston is the local full-service home and commercial air management company you can depend on.

We service the Greater Houston and Spring areas 24 hours a day, every day of the year!

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