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Air of Houston is the Conroe air conditioning company you can trust. We are a family owned and operated business established in 1995. Air of Houston Services Inc. has been providing the Conroe area with air conditioning and heating services. Thanks to our Conroe customers, we have become one of the premier HVAC companies in the area! We’ve been growing and improving our service with the innovations in air conditioning and heating technology. We pride ourselves on serving the community with honest service and reliable results.

When summer temperatures start to level off and linger around the 90-100 degree mark for weeks at a time, it’s important to have a Conroe air conditioning company you can call if there is a problem with your system. During hot weather we tend to go from one air conditioned space to another, so if there is an issue with your system you’ll know it pretty quickly!

We know Conroe residents are just as likely to be outdoors as in; there are tons of outdoor activities to take advantage of in the area! Lake Conroe is an area treasure. You can launch your boat or rent a watercraft for a day on the lake with the family. The area is also known for it’s bird watching opportunities as well as hiking, kayaking, and fishing. And there are a bunch of fun festivals and outdoor events year-round.

But once you’re done with those activities, you want to get back to your comfortable, air conditioned spaces. Let our professional air conditioning company help keep your home cool, we recommend having regular air conditioning maintenance like seasonal check-ups and cleaning on your system to be sure it’s ready for the heat of summer.

Call Air of Houston today to talk to your professional Conroe air conditioning company! We understand what it takes to keep you up and running in a comfortable climate-controlled environment all year long.

AC Repair Conroe

With the hot days of spring and summer right around the corner, here’s no better time than now to consider AC repair. Conroe residents might find that when they need their air conditioner the most, it will no longer be functional or working at less than ideal conditions. Over extended periods of time where an air conditioner is not running, or not running at full capacity, the system can grow inefficient or break down completely. While the air conditioner itself might turn on, it could only be blowing out cool (but not cold) or room temperature air. This makes it very hard to enjoy the hot days of late-spring and summer.

What causes an air conditioner to stop working?

There are a number of potential causes that can force your air conditioner to stop working and require you to seek AC repair. Conroe is home to Air of Houston, who specializes in repairing air conditioners all across Conroe and surrounding regions. If you find that you need immediate air conditioning repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Below are a number of reasons that your air conditioning system may have stopped working or no longer produces ideal air temperatures.

  • It needs basic maintenance. It may just take a replacement of air filters to get your air conditioning back up and running, especially if you can’t remember the last time it’s been since you’ve replaced it.
  • The inside of the air conditioner may have gotten extremely dirty or clogged with other debris. An AC repair professional can help to thoroughly clean your system.
  • Your system may have overheated. If your circuit breaker flips your air conditioner off, it can be a sign that your system is running too often and is overloading with heat.
  • Your air conditioner may have ran through its life cycle and would require a new air conditioning system.

Give Air of Houston a call today to get your AC repair! Conroe is just one of many regions that the professional air conditioning repair company serves.

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Schedule AC Repair in Spring, TX or Anywhere in the Metro Houston Area

Air of Houston is proud to offer you an easy and convenient option to schedule and book your service appointment with us. Simply click on the Schedule a Service Call tab on our website and fill out the information needed. It will then automatically be sent to our dispatch office and put on our schedule. We look forward to helping you with any AC repair or air conditioning installation in Spring, Houston, or the surrounding areas.

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