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The W Family A/C Repair in Spring TX

The W family* has lived in Spring, TX since 1995. They absolutely love it out here and wouldn’t think of calling anywhere else home. They’ve lived in the same house for almost as long as they’ve been in Spring, and over the years they’ve taken pride in making their house a home, full of family and treasured memories. Also throughout the entire time they’ve been in their house, they have been busy doing home maintenance projects and improvements. Mr. and Mrs. W have worked to improve various things around their home as needed and are proud of the fact that they take good care of their property. Mr. W believes he has saved the family a great deal of money by being good stewards of their home.

Air Conditioning Problems in Spring, Texas

One day, Mrs. W called her husband at work and said that the house was warm and the AC was not working. Mr. W didn’t hesitate to call us (and several other Spring air conditioning repair companies, as he is a very smart consumer) to have a look. We did a full inspection of their air conditioner and found that the compressor fan had become faulty and needed repair. Mr. W got a couple of estimates and met with other companies that told him similar things. When he called us back, he told us that he was wary of being told he needed a whole new system. We assured him that we could complete a residential AC repair at his Spring, TX home and that AC replacement wasn’t necessary because he had maintained his system so well over the years.

Mr. and Mrs. W were relieved to hear what we had to say about their AC system. We gave them a full written estimate and told them to think about it.  A few days later they hired us to do their residential AC repair! We were honored to be the ones they trusted to do the work, and we got their AC system fixed quickly and had them cooled down in a matter of a few hours.  The W’s told us they’d be customers for life because we did the job right and with integrity, and that made us so proud of our team here at Air of Houston!

*Name withheld to protect anonymity of our loyal customers. You can read more of our air conditioning repair testimonials here.

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