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Air of Houston is the Tomball air conditioning company you can trust. Since 1995, we’ve been providing the Tomball area with superior air conditioning service. We are local, family owned and operated and we pride ourselves on serving the Tomball community with honest service and reliable results. Thanks to you, we have become one of the premier HVAC companies in the area! Over the years, our service has improved and grown alongside the many innovations in air conditioning and heating technology.

When summer temperatures start to level off and linger around the 90-100 degree mark for weeks at a time, it’s important to have a Tomball air conditioning company you can call if there is a problem with your system. During hot weather we tend to go from one air conditioned space to another, so if there is an issue with your air conditioning system you’ll know it pretty quickly!

We know Tomball residents are just as likely to be outdoors as in; there are so many activities to take advantage of in the area. Some of the fun activities to do in Tomball area are; The Tomball Museum Center, golf courses and driving ranges, parks and nature preserves, hiking and biking trails, fishing and birding, kayaking along Spring Creek or Cypress Creek, the Kleb Woods Nature Center and Farm, pick your own fruit and berries at the Matt Family Orchard and lots of festivals and events that take place year-round!

But once you’re done with those activities, you want to get back to your comfortable, air conditioned spaces. Let our professional air conditioning company help keep your home cool, we recommend having regular air conditioning maintenance like seasonal check-ups and cleaning on your system to be sure it’s ready for the heat of summer.

Call Air of Houston today to talk to your professional Tomball air conditioning company! With so many years of experience, we understand what it takes to keep you up and running in a comfortable climate-controlled environment all year long.

AC Repair Tomball

No matter what part of summer it is, if you need AC repair in Tomball, TX call Air of Houston! You don’t want to be caught in the middle of the hottest months in summer with a broken air conditioner. Whether your AC system is currently working or has already broken down, you’ll want to consider air conditioning maintenance or AC repair. Tomball, TX can have very warm months and the hotter it gets, the more dangerous it is to go without air conditioning. To get immediate repair or prepare for the upcoming summer, give us a call today at Air of Houston!

How Can I Determine if I Need AC Repair in Tomball?

If you are not certain if you need AC repair, you can do a quick and simple test. The most common and simplest way to verify your air conditioner is working is to turn it on and see if it puts out cool air. If it doesn’t, or if it doesn’t even turn on, you’re going to need air conditoning repair. Tomball is one of our primary service regions that we provide our air conditioning services to. If you suspect that you need AC repair in Tomball, you can look for the following signs to indicate that you need AC repair or maintenance:

    • AC won’t turn on
    • Warm air just blows from the vents
    • AC turns off unexpectedly during operation
    • Air coming out of the system is not cool enough
    • You can smell an unusual odor after turning the system on
    • Condensation is be found around the system or vent areas
  • Use an Amazing AC Repair Company that Tomball Residents Trust!

Prepare for the summer months or find immediate AC fixes today with AC repair! Tomball is one of our many service regions for AC maintenance, repair, installation, and replacement. We can help your home or your business with all of your air conditioning needs to ensure that you are kept cool and comfortable throughout the heat of the Texas summer. Give us a call at 281.890.0990 today to get started!

Tomball AC Repair

The hot days of later-spring and summer are just around the corner! Is your home prepared for the incoming heat? Make sure that your air conditioner is prepped and ready to go for the hottest days by checking to see if you need AC repair. Tomball residents are sometimes caught off guard when summer arrives, only to realize that their air conditioner is not actually working. Take some time out of your day to double check your air conditioner to make sure it’s working and can generate cold enough air to combat even the hottest days of a Tomball summer day.

Reasons That Your Air Conditioner Has Stopped Working

If you turn on your air conditioner and find that it’s no longer working or simply blows room temperature or warm air, you might need AC repair. Tomball, TX residents rely on Air of Houston for all of their air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation needs. From simple repairs to more complex air conditioning situations, you can call Air of Houston to fix your air conditioner before the hot days of summer arrive.

Below are a few reasons that your air conditioner may have stopped working:

  • Your AC’s air filters haven’t been replaced in a long time. Air filters need to be changed or cleaned regularly in order for the air conditioner to work efficiently.
  • Your air conditioner has met the duration of its estimated lifespan and may need to be replaced.
  • There may be unintended debris inside your air conditioner’s components and needs a professional to clean it.
  • Your air conditioner may be overheating as a result of faulty components or running for long periods of time.

If you need to prepare your air conditioner for the summer, consider Air of Houston for AC repair. Tomball, TX and surrounding regions utilize the professional help from Air of Houston for all of their air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance needs!

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Schedule AC Repair in Spring, TX or Anywhere in the Metro Houston Area

Air of Houston is proud to offer you an easy and convenient option to schedule and book your service appointment with us. Simply click on the Schedule a Service Call tab on our website and fill out the information needed. It will then automatically be sent to our dispatch office and put on our schedule. We look forward to helping you with any AC repair or air conditioning installation in Spring, Houston, or the surrounding areas.

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